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Saving for college? Use your commissary benefit

By Carole Young 

     FORT LEE, Va. – Ask young service members today why they enlisted or re-enlisted in the military and often their reply will be – education. For many young people with limited financial resources, military service has become a viable option to offset the increasing cost of a higher education. And one of the best ways college-bound service members can save for that education is by using their commissary benefit.


Commissary “Grab-n-Go” goes to school

By Herb Greene

     FORT LEE, Va. – Oh no! This can’t be happening. Your wife had an early formation. The command group called and wants you off leave and back on duty now. The school bus has just turned onto your street and you haven’t made lunches for the kids. If you’ve got packaged meals from the commissary, however, there’s no need to panic...


DoDEA Students Continue to Score Well

By Janet Rope

Arlington, VA -  The 2003 test results show that DoDEA students' average scores remain consistently higher than the national average (50th percentile) in all subject areas (Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science) at all grade levels tested (3-11). Thirty-seven (37) of the 45 subtest scores were 10-20 points above the national average of 50%; five (5) subtest scores were 21-25 points higher than national average; and three (3) subtest scores were 7-9 points higher than the 50th percentile.

Get Information on the GI Bill Now

The GI benefits are available to active duty, Reserve and Guard personnel.  In addition, the U.S. Veteran's administration and state veteran services offices sponsor programs that offer veterans and the dependants of veterans access to educational benefits. 

Further your Education

Get The Education You Need To Succeed with an Online Degree!  Join the professionals who are getting ahead by earning their accredited MBA, Bachelors, Associates degree or Project Management Certification via the Internet from nationally known universities like Villanova and St. Leo University, part of eArmyU. All via the University Alliance. Classes begin every 8 weeks. 

Today's Military

This site offers a chance to compare the four military service academies. 

U.S. Air Force Academy

Start early in positioning yourself as a strong candidate for admission to this Colorado-based academy.

U.S. Coast Guard Academy

Start early in positioning yourself as a strong candidate for admission to this Connecticut-based academy.

U.S. Military Academy, West Point

This site occasionally is pulled from the web. Start early in positioning yourself as a strong candidate for admission to this New York-based academy.

U.S. Naval Academy

Start early in positioning yourself as a good candidate for admission to this Maryland-based academy.




For a general information on Military Scholarships, click here.

Federal Student Assistance

Military Scholarship Fund  
Scholarships are now available for all services.  Commander William Stuhr awards scholarships each year.  Check on details now.

DeCA Scholarships Awarded

General Funding

Financial Assistance

Find out about college prices and 
student aid.

Financial Aid Calendar

Guide to when financial activities need to be secured for the best funding awards.


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DOD Students Score High on National Test

by Army Sgt. 1st Class Doug Sample

 DOD Outperforms

Results show Defense Department school system students scored consistently higher than the national average on a 
standardized test.



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