$4,500 Scholarship Available for Military Sons and Daughters!

The CDR William S. Stuhr Scholarship Fund for Military Sons and Daughters announces that the year 2007 scholarships will be available. These scholarships will be awarded to high school seniors of active-duty or retired career members of each of the five branches of the U.S. Armed Services worldwide.  Each of the five scholarships is for $4,500 divided equally over four years. 

The Stuhr Scholarship Fund currently has 20 previous winners studying at 20 universities in 14 states, with three out of four on their Deans’ Lists. Over the next four years the Fund is committed to awarding a cumulative $90,000 in stipends to five gifted family members from the Services.  The Stuhr Scholarship Fund, founded in 1965, is the only privately supported, international scholarship for aiding families of each of the five Services.  Its aim is to become the Rhodes Scholarship of the military community. 

To be eligible, students:

¨       Must be a 2006 high school senior.

¨       Must have a junior year and first half of senior year in the top 10 percent of his/her class.

¨       Must have evidence of extracurricular activities, and demonstrated leadership potential.

¨       Must be a bona fide dependent of an active duty or retired career military member, either officer, or enlisted person.

¨       Must be planning to attend a four year accredited college.

¨       Must be prepared to be our guest, with parent(s) at a scholarship awards function given in late May or early June

(Air transportation furnished by the Scholarship Fund.). 

Application criteria may be obtained by:

1.       Writing and enclosing a self-addressed envelope to the Executive Director, CDR Stuhr Scholarship Fund, 1200    Fifth Avenue, Suite 9-D, New York, NY 10029

2.       Sending your request with your name and address by e-mail to stuhrstudents@earthlink.net 

The scholarship is not available for students already attending college or to dependants of Reservists.

Completed applications must be received by February 15th.  Extension to February 28 is possible


Military Scholarship Fund - Scholarships available for all services.

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