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The call center will provide enhanced civilian personnel B&E advisory and processing services for all serviced Army civilian employees both within the Continental 
United States and overseas.
The Department of the Army Civilian Personnel Administration Home Page, Civilian Personnel On Line. We are continuously developing and enhancing Civilian Personnel On Line to be used as a tool by Army civilian personnel professionals, managers and employees in achieving our vision of providing exceptional service to you, our customers.

PERSCOM Online is a gateway to the U.S. Total Army Personnel Command

CPOL: Employment IndexArmy and Civilian Employment Opportunities

Direct the Army's enlisted personnel management system to include implementing ODCSPER policy to ensure combat readiness throughout the Army.

OPMD is the U.S. Total Army Personnel Command (PERSCOM) Directorate
in charge of worldwide active duty officer management.
PERMISS is a decision support system designed to provide general guidance and information on all areas of Army Civilian Personnel Management.
The Senior Executive Service (SES) was created by the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978. Congress designed the SES to be an elite corps of managers charged with running the Federal Government. The SES was set up as a separate, gradeless personnel system distinct from the competitive and excepted services whose positions are classified above the GS-15 level of the General Schedule.


The DoD Job Search is an associate site of America's Job Bank, provided by the Departments of Defense and Labor. America's Job Bank is a partnership between the US Department of Labor and the state operated Public Employment Service.

Troops to Teachers provides Referral Assistance and Placement services to service members and civilian employees of Department of Defense who are interested in beginning a second career in public education as teacher or teacher's aides. The DANTES Troops to Teachers office will help in "linking" applicants with teacher certification programs and employment opportunities.

Transition Assistance Online (TAO) is a targeted employment web site that provides free services to specific job seekers (separating military servicemembers, retirees, veterans, spouses and dependents, DoD employees, etc.) to assist them in finding their next job or career with employers seeking to hire individuals with the unique training, education, skills and leadership that only the military provides

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Perscom Online - Enlisted Information

Direct the Army's enlisted personnel management system to include implementing ODCSPER policy to ensure combat readiness throughout the Army.

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 Enlisted Guide

Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers 

Soldiers Magazine On-Line


National Guard CSM Homepage

The Army National Guard predates the founding of the nation and a standing military by almost a century and a half - and is therefore the oldest component of the United States armed forces. America's first permanent militia regiments, among the oldest continuing units in history, were organized by the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1636. Since that time, the Guard has participated in every U.S. conflict from the Pequot War of 1637 to our current deployments in support of Operation Joint Forge.


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