Allied Headquarters

Real Time Battlefield Intelligence

Want to see how the war is going? Click on the picture above to get the latest real-time data from the front in Allied Headquarters Dynamic Game Headquarters, which is the official home of the Allied High Command (AHC). AHC members are volunteer officers drawn from the player base to represent the Allied Combat Troops in the massively multiplayer simulation WWII Online.

Move and Shoot!

Want to learn how to drive a tank? Fly a fighter? Conduct a successful bombing run? Click on the image above to learn about the Allied Trainer Corps!


     The primary task of the Allied High Command is to provide WWII Online players with an enjoyable (i.e. satisfying and meaningful) gaming experience. This task goes above and beyond the game itself, into the realm of building and supporting a generous, positive and cooperative community. Supporting enjoyment transcends game nationality - the AHC staff makes it their task to help provide not only Allied players with an enjoyable experience but endeavour to make our enemies' experience enjoyable as well - by communicating and upholding an honourable gaming behavior.


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PlaySite Games

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Wizards of the Coast

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