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New River Commissary sets grand opening date 

 DeCA EASTERN REGION, VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.    Though financial investments may be losing more than they gain lately, the 5 percent surcharge commissary customers pay on each shopping trip will pay tremendous dividends on Tuesday,  March 12.

     That’s grand opening day for the new $8.9 million New River Commissary, New River Marine Corps Air Station, N.C., with ribbon-cutting ceremonies starting at 9:30 a.m. immediately followed by the store opening for business.  Events are open to all eligible shoppers and their families.

     The new store is located at 4055 Curtis Road, beside the Marine Corps Exchange.    

     “All our customers are going to be so excited about this brand-new, state-of-the-art facility, complete with all the modern conveniences,” said Mike Dunn, store director, looking at the entrance’s brilliant-white columns and portico reminiscent of classical Greco-Roman style.  “It’s so incredibly beautiful and spacious, and product selection is going to be the best.”

      Grand opening activities include fun, freebies and special savings for the whole family.  Special deals on groceries, prize drawings and food demonstrations will be the order of the day. 

Highlights of the new store include:

·        Increase from 17,021 to 49,239 total square feet, with a sales area increase from 8,827 to 26,564 square feet;

·        Expanded produce department and Grab-and-Go section;

·        Approximately 5,000 new items;

·        Parking boosted from 90 to 144, including six reserved spots for Grab-and-Go shopping and expectant mothers near the entrance; and

·        Checkout counters doubled from four to eight.

    The old commissary, scheduled for demolition, was built in 1954 as a service club, and it was last renovated in 1989.

     Grand opening specials will be offered in addition to approximately 400 “Best Value Items,” a program that started last summer, offering customers the lowest price of any local grocery store, supermarket or super center.  These items are marked with blue and yellow BVI signs. 

       Shoppers interested in seeing the full list of BVIs at New River plus percentage of savings on specials and regular items should check out the recently-redesigned DeCA Web site at:  The site now offers new services many customers have requested, such as a shopping list builder and recipes.


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