Marines - Personnel

Civilian Personnel

Office of Personnel Mgm
The Federal Government's Human 
Resource's Agency

.Office of Personnel Mgm (Retirement)
Federal retirement benefits at the US Office of Personnel Mgm retirement program.

PALACE  Compass- AFPC Dir of Civilian Personnel Operations
Job Kits, B&F Bulletin Board Palace Compass

Virtual Interactive Personnel (VIP)
A DoD electronic handbook designed to provide information and guidance on all areas of civilian personnel mgm.  


Active Duty Personnel Issues 

ACPMS - Functional Program Mgm Office (FPMO)
Information on functional process improvement efforts, Civilian Personnel rationalization, system modernization, and more. 

National Personnel Records Center
 National Archives and Records Administration
Regional Records

Personnel Statistics
Current and historical demographics, statistics, and applications for active duty military , guard, reserve and civilian personnel.




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