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      Navy Lodge provides all the comforts of Home

     Do  you  have  more relatives and friends than extra beds this holiday season?   Don't  make  Grandma  and Grandpa sleep on the floor.  That extra room is just a phone call away.  The Navy Lodge has rooms available for all your needs.

     Yes,  your  family and friends can all stay at the Navy Lodge.  Make a reservation  for  them  today and when you bring them over, just show an ID card at check in and they will have all the comforts of home.

     "If  you  haven't  experienced a Navy Lodge recently, you are in for a wonderful treat.  The Navy Lodge offers military families and their friends an inexpensive, convenient place to stay," said Mike Bockelman, director of the Navy Lodge Program.

     The  features  you  come  to  depend  upon  are  at  every  Navy Lodgeworldwide:

     Free Coffee, Free Local and 800 Phone Calls and Free Newspaper
     Cable TV and HBO
     Kitchens with microwaves
     Hair Dryers
     Video Rental

     When  you  check into a room at the Navy Lodge, you will feel right at home.   Our  associates are dedicated to providing quality service to every guest.   Best  of  all,  there is no extra person charges when staying at a Navy Lodge.

     To  receive  a  Navy  Lodge  directory  or to make a reservation, call 1-800-NAVY-INN,  24  hours  a  day,  7  days  a  week.   Once  you  make  a reservation,  you  cannot  be  bumped from your room.  Reservation and room assignments are accepted on an as-received basis without regard to rank.

     Check  out  our web site at and make a reservation today.   It  gives  a  listing  of  each  Navy Lodge location complete with directions, phone numbers and other helpful information.


Project A-OK -   Helps You Make the Grade

     It's time to take your child's most recent report card to your nearest Navy  Exchange  to register for the Project A-OK program.  Your child could win  $5,000,  $3,000  or  $2,000  in  U.S.  savings bonds, denominations at maturity. The next drawing will be at the end of November 2002.

     "Since 1997, Project A-OK has been rewarding children for getting good grades  in  school,"  said  Rear  Adm.  William J. Maguire, commander, Navy Exchange  Service  Command (NEXCOM). " Project A-OK is just another way the Navy Exchange is here to support Navy families."

     Any  eligible  full-time  student  who  has  a  B  grade point average equivalent  or  better, as determined by their school system, may enter the drawing.   Eligible  students  include  dependent  children  of active duty military   members,  reservists  and  military  retirees,  including  those
employed  by  or  whose  spouse  is  employed  by the Navy Exchange System.Children  must  be  enrolled  in  first grade through undergraduate school. Dependent children without an individual Dependent Identification Card must be  accompanied  by  their sponsor to submit their entry.  Each student may enter  only once each grading period and must re-enter with each qualifying report card.  Drawings are held each quarter for a total of $40,000 for the 2002/2003 school year.

     To enter, stop by your Navy Exchange with your current report card and have  a  Navy  Exchange  associate verify your minimum grade average.  Then fill  out  your  entry  card and obtain your A-OK ID, which entitles you to discount coupons for purchases at the Navy Exchange.

NEXCOM Launches Worldwide  -    Shoplifter Education Program

     The  Navy  Exchange  Service  Command  (NEXCOM)  will  offer the Youth Educational  Shoplifting  (Y.E.S.) Program to all juveniles apprehended for shoplifting in Navy Exchanges.  This program provides an alternative to the court system through the services of Shoplifters Alternative (SA), who will be administering the program.

     "NEXCOM  recognizes  that  kids  make  mistakes  and wants to help and support  those  juveniles  willing to take responsibility for their actions and  prevent repeat offenses in the future," said Ron Passarge, NEXCOM Loss Prevention   Specialist.    "By   offering   access   to   and  encouraging
participation  in  the  Y.E.S.  Program, NEXCOM supports the Navy family by helping kids get their lives back on the right track."

     NEXCOM's  original  program  offered parents the opportunity to enroll their  child  in  the  Y.E.S.  program  in  conjunction  with civil demand. However,  this limited access to a small portion of those who could benefit from  it,  because  so  few  juveniles qualify.  To provide this service to
every   Navy   family   affected  by  juvenile  shoplifting,  all  juvenile shoplifting cases will now be transferred to Shoplifters Alternative.

     NEXCOM  is  the  first company to use SA's free service to proactively help   as  many  juvenile  shoplifters  as  possible  while  simultaneously addressing  a  costly  retail  industry  problem.  Educational programs for shoplifters  have  proven  to  be up to 98 percent effective in eliminating
repeat offenses.

     "While  most  juvenile  shoplifters already know right from wrong, the Y.E.S. Program takes them through a step-by-step process which gives them a wake  up  call  presented  in  a  compelling but caring manner," said Peter Berlin,  Executive  Director  of SA.  "It addresses the root cause of their
behavior  and  its  negative  impact  on  their life, even its potential to become a habit or an addiction."

     SA,  a division of Shoplifters Anonymous, Inc., is the world's leading non-profit provider of shoplifter research and rehabilitation programs.  SA currently   provides   its  education  programs  and  support  services  to approximately  25,000 shoplifters per year, most of whom have been referred
by  courts  or  retailers. SA is behind a nationwide movement to reach more shoplifters  by expanding shoplifter education at the retail level in order to  provide  a  more  proactive  and  effective  way  for retailers to help rehabilitate  individuals,  prevent  repeat offenses and reduce shoplifting throughout the nation.

NEXCOM Introduces New Lower Rate Prepaid Phone Cards

     Deployments,  temporary  duty and moves away from family will now be a little  easier  thanks  to  the  new  lower  AT&T  Prepaid Phone Card rates available in both the United States and selected overseas locations.

     "The  Navy  Exchange  Service  Command (NEXCOM) worked with its vendor partner,  AT&T,  to bring lower rates to our service men and women, just in time   for   the   holiday   season,"   said   Mary   Beth   Morse,  NEXCOM telecommunication  service operations specialist.  "We hope these new lower
rates  will  allow  more  families to talk to their loved ones who are away from  home  or would just like to have better rates for their long distance calling."

     AT&T  Prepaid Phone Cards, available at any Navy Exchange worldwide in 300,  150  and  50 units, have been lowered to $.05 - $.09 per minute.  "In keeping with the prepaid phone card industry standard, the more minutes you buy, the better the rate becomes," said Morse.

     Long  distance rates for overseas calling have also been lowered by as much as 50 percent for some countries. To call the United States, the costs from  various  overseas locations using a 300, 150 or 50 AT&T Prepaid Phone Card  are as low as: Bahrain: $0.29 per minute; Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland,
Italy  and Vatican City, Japan, Singapore, Spain and United Kingdom: $0.15; Guantanamo  Bay, Cuba: $0.81; Philippines: $0.44; and United Arab Emeritus: $0.22.

     NEXCOM  is  also  introducing a new 800 minute AT&T Prepaid Phone Card for  $0.05  per minute for calls made within the United States.  "Just like our  Liberty  Phone  Card,  this  new  card has no hidden charges, does not expire  and  can  be  recharged  at any time," said Morse.  "With its lower
rates  in  the United States and higher international rates than the 50,150 and  300  minute  cards, the new 800 minute will only be sold in the United States."

     The new cards will be sold in Navy Exchanges beginning on November 24.

 Navy Ship's Servicemen Now Have Touch Access for Ship Store Resources

      Navy  Ship's Servicemen (SH) now have one place they can go to access all  ship  store  bulletins,  manuals and catalogs needed to do their jobs. The  Navy  Exchange  Service  Command's  (NEXCOM)  Ship's Store Program has launched  a  web-site, or, to make one-touch supply easier for ashore and afloat SHs.

     "We've  been  working  towards a paperless working environment for the past  several  years,"  said  Charles Vaughan, director of the Ship's Store Program.   "Placing  all this information on our website was just a natural evolution  of  that process. I wanted the Ship's Store Program to be in the vanguard  in  providing  'world  class'  service  to  our Ship's Servicemen wherever they are afloat or ashore."

     Now  available  on  the  website  are  all  parts  manuals, ship store bulletins  and  training  manuals for the SH rate.   There's also a section describing  NEXCOM's  Fleet  Assistance  Teams and the services they offer. The  site also allows the user to contact the Ship's Store Program with any
questions or comments on improving the site.

     "We  are  very excited about this site," said Vaughan.  "It's going to become  a very important resource for the SH community.  It's a win-win for everyone.   We  cut  down  on the amount of paper we use and the amount SHs have to file.  On the other side, SHs can access this site from anywhere at

     NEXCOM has 185 ship stores and 4 ship store ashore sites worldwide.


Save Big at your Local Commissary Now!

     Commissary Shoppers Now Save More than 30% on Their Groceries Commissary shoppers now save more than 30% on their groceries according to the latest market basket pricing survey conducted in October.  "This means that a commissary patron shopping for a family of four can save nearly $2,500 each year compared with off-base shopping," said DeCA'S director, Air Force Major General Robert J. Courter Jr. "This is a goal that we at DeCA have been after for a long time, and we made it.  Our shoppers will definitely benefit financially." The survey compared prices of virtually every Universal Product Coded (UPC) item sold in all commissaries in the 48 contiguous states.  DeCA conducted meat and produce pricing surveys at randomly selected commissaries as well as surrounding retail grocery stores. The actual percentage of savings is 30.4 percent.




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