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Volvo Car Corporation, Accessories - Wireless hands-free function in Volvo cars with Bluetooth® and a mobile telephone

• Automatic connection to the car’s loudspeaker system
• The system recognizes up to four different telephones
• Easy to switch between hands-free and telephone
• Voice dialing promotes traffic

It is now possible to connect a Bluetooth-capable mobile telephone to a Volvo car’s audio and loud-speaker system – totally wirelessly. With the help of the new accessory Volvo Hands-free with Bluetooth®, a mobile telephone becomes an integrated hands-free system with voice dialing.

Volvo Hands-free with Bluetooth® can be fitted in most late-model Volvo cars. The system consists of an electronic control module, a module with function buttons, a dedicated microphone located near the rear-view mirror, and the necessary wiring. The mobile telephone used must be Bluetooth-capable. Once a paired link has been set up with the car’s Bluetooth module, the telephone is recognized and connected automatically when the owner enters the car. Story

Volvo Models Best in Interior Air Quality According to New Study

      An independent survey carried out by the Ecology Center in Detroit shows that the interiors of Volvo’s cars emit lower levels of toxic substances than other car makes.

      The Ecology Center recently presented a study (Toxic at Any Speed: Chemicals in Cars & the Need for Safe Alternatives) of the toxic chemicals used in building car interiors. Flame retardant PBDE and phthalates, whose main use is as a softener in plastics, were included in the study. These chemical substances can migrate from plastics and textiles, particularly at high temperatures. The car’s occupants may thus be exposed to these substances, for instance through the respiratory system. Certain types of phthalates and flame retardants can for instance promote genetic mutations and can subject car occupants to health hazards. The survey reveals that the concentrations of PBDE in dust and on the windscreen are up to five times higher than in the homes of most people, and since many people today spend a lot of time in their cars, car interiors thus have a significant effect on human health.  For More

Volvo iPod Adapter - Volvo opens up to iPod users

Now it will be possible for iPod users to plug their entire music archive into their Volvo’s audio system. Together with supplier PhatNoise Inc and Apple, Volvo Cars has developed an adapter kit for installation in the Volvo S80 from model year 1999 on and in the S60, V70 and XC70 from model year 2001.

     iPod is the world's number one digital music player and allows music lovers to carry their entire music collection with them on the go.  Now with the Volvo iPod Adapter, they can play their music in their Volvo. 

Volvo Seats Get Top Scores in 2006 Thatcham Whiplash Tests

      Once again, Volvo has achieved top scores in the latest, 2006 model year new car whiplash ratings by the UK's Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre in Thatcham¹ which conducted the tests on behalf of the International Insurance Whiplash Prevention Group (IIWPG).

     In fact, Volvo was one of only two manufacturers to achieve top 'Good' scores for every model tested² thanks to its supportive seats which have a fixed head restraint position to ensure they are always in the correct position to offer the best support, and the Volvo Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS) that moves the entire backrest to absorb the impact during a rear-end collision to help reduce the forces on the neck.  Story


     In continuing our tradition of special programs for military personnel, Warranty Direct is proud to offer a unique program for those who serve our country.

     Warranty Direct is the nation's leading direct marketer of extended warranties covering automobiles, motorcycles, boats and more. When you buy from us, you are buying from the source and eliminating the middlemen and additional markups.

     Warranty Direct is the direct marketing arm of Interstate National Dealer Services, Inc., one of the nation's largest vehicle warranty and service contract firms. The 20 year old company is publicly traded (NASDAQ: ISTN) and has administered well over 1 million vehicle service contracts. 

     When looking at extended warranty companies, financial stability should be of utmost importance. Interstate National Dealer Services was named to the Forbes Magazine list of the "Top 200 Small Public Companies in America three years in a row".


   A brand new Volvo of your choice.
Adapted to meet the requirements of your home country, with all paperwork done including customs clearance.
Shipped to the place of your choice at the right time and date - to a substantially reduced price, of course.
This is our way of saying welcome home.

      You could be an American who purchases a Volvo in Singapore for a unique factory delivery in Sweden. Before returning to USA you may decide to tour Europe for a month – and then drop the car off at Nice for further shipping to your home in California.

      Volvo Tourist & Diplomat Sales expat program handles this – and more. Our worldwide service network will take care of your needs; even deliver your Volvo in person almost anywhere in Western Europe. The Volvo Assistance Europe scheme is also at your service 24 hours a day at no extra cost, in case something that shouldn´t happen does.

      To you we leave the benefit of driving one of the world´s safest cars