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Saint Michael Medals
Saint Michael, Patron saint of service men and women, police officers, and emergency medical technicians. Saint Michael is the Archangel and protector. He is the leader of the army of God.


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Army Surplus. Military Surplus. Clothing, Boots, Tents, Field Gear

RDD USA is a leading U.S. supplier of Army Surplus, including Military Surplus and Navy Surplus. We carry a variety of Uniforms and Military Field Gear New, Used and Reconditioned from all around the world, including U.S., Europe and Israel.

RDD USA supplies Army Surplus, Military Clothing, Army Tents, Gas Masks, Combat Boots, Military Surplus, Camouflage Clothing, Military Gear, Army Boots and Military Boots.We carry military issue  Battle Dress Uniforms (BDU), Army Shirts, Army Pants, Army Coveralls, Army Jackets, Army Rain Gear and more. We are also the largest U.S. supplier of reconditioned Army Tents and Army Tarps.

 Patriots of America

Your Source for Official Military Medals, Display Cases, Military Insignia, Military Gifts & Army Navy Military Surplus Items. For all Veterans, Collectors or Gift seekers, we have your US Military items here.

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Military Images Civil War Magazine History United States Soldier Sailor

  Featuring military medals, military rank and military photos.
 Information on promotions, bases, installations and units. We offer a
great resource for women in the military. For those who like military
music we have military sound files and mp3s. 


Find out about all types of Military Vehicle offerings. One of the largest military car site on the web.

Battlefield Store Items
Battlefield memorabilia

Military Books
Top Military Best Sellers. Ranging from Civil War to Present.

Military Uniforms
Armed Forces Military Uniform Discounts.



 Military Lighters for all Services

Our selection of Zippo lighters includes military insignias, NFL team
logos, Sturgis designs, brass and chrome classics, southwestern styles, and more.

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Military Movies
War documentaries, videos and military-related movies. 

Free Military Publications
For Government, Armed Forces Members and Military Business Affairs.
This website is the definitive internet resource for limited edition military art prints and related collectibles.


camping, army surplus and outdoors supplies

 Constantly changing inventory spans military conflicts from the Civil War through the Vietnam era. This web site is an Authorized Web Dealer for world renowned Civil War Artists John Paul Strain and Mort Künstler, and we have a wide variety of other artist's work as well.



PrintsForPleasure The Internet Prints and Posters Specialists

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