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Navy Recruiting

Naval Reserve Careers 

Reserve Enlisted

Applicants for the RESCORE-R program must be a NAVET E5 or below, with less than 10 years qualifying service for Reserve retirement, and less than four years since discharge from the Navy/Naval Reserve.

Personnel in the IRR (Individual Ready Reserve) are eligible. RESCORE-R is not available for personnel with a critical NEC. NAVET's who have been in a drill pay status within the past 90 days are not eligible for RESCORE-R.   Member must meet eligibility requirements for requested rating (mental, moral and physical requirements).

A current Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test will be required for all applicants who are no longer under a valid USN/USNR contract.

Reserve Officers

  • The Naval Reserve Direct Appointment Program offers qualified college educated professionals a Naval Reserve commission. Candidates chosen to become officers are given the opportunity to achieve personal and professional satisfaction in their specialized fields by serving in the Naval Reserve.

  • The Navy and Naval Reserve rely heavily upon their officers at every level of operations and management. These men and women provide the professional, scientific and technical skills required by the wide variety of occupations found at sea and ashore. Officers routinely supervise highly skilled staffs and are responsible for sophisticated equipment.

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