Matt Steel, Country Break Thru Artist offers free song download to all who serve!


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    has teamed up with Matt Steel, one of the most formative Country Artists of our time. As part of his tribute to the US Armed Forces, he is offering the US armed forces' visitors to a free song download.  Military members and their families can click on to Win Big on the Web Sweepstakes and receive a copy of his latest song and view his commemorative video “Getting Back to Me Again.”

             As Justin “CT” Florence – Mid-day Drive Jock – KYYK 98.3 FM (Palestine, TX) points out, "Matt Steel is one of THE BEST up and coming Country Artists that I've heard in my radio career. He's got a voice that's original, and not a carbon copy of every other artist you hear today. His personality reflects a man that loves to entertain, and a man that loves Country Music. Not only would I buy his music, but I'd pay money to see him perform live."

             This unique offer is in conjunction with MilitaryPartners’ Pepsi’s Race to the Finish Lines sweepstakes, in which weekly prizes will be given out to military members who enter into Win Big on the Web.  For more information on how to win Matt Steel’s song and be entered into MilitaryPartners' tenth anniversary sweepstakes, click onto Win Big on the Web sweepstakes now.

             Since 1998, MilitaryPartners has partnered with leading companies, such as Pepsi-Cola, Volvo Military Sales, Delta Air Lines and many more, in reaching out to America’s best.  By providing a one-stop military benefit resource guide, this site provides all the resources to locate valuable information in such areas as GI Benefits, Support Groups, Military Scholarships and many more. 

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