2004 Grand Prize Winners



       Mr. Maus, Delta Air Lines Manager Sales, awarded Cameron Wigington, the grand prize airline tickets. She stated that by winning the Delta tickets that “sometimes we forget the importance of what we are doing in the military and why we decided this lifestyle, so it is quite encouraging to be given this gift of appreciation.”   


  Gift of Appreciation goes far with Military Spouse! 

            Cameron Wigington surfed the web to locate military friendly shopping sites and discovered MilitaryPartners.com’ s web site and entered the on-going Win Big on the Web Sweepstakes. She wins two Delta Air Lines tickets back to her hometown.  

            Mrs. Wigington and her husband, Colin, who have been stationed in Stuttgart, Germany, for the last year and a half, plan to introduce their parents to their grandson for the first time this summer.  She stated that the grand prize airline tickets come in just in time for a vacation back home and a little “on-site” shopping.  Moreover, she reiterated how “sometimes we forget the importance of what we are doing in the military and why we decided this lifestyle, so it is quite encouraging to be given this gift of appreciation from Delta Air Lines and MilitaryPartners.com.” 

Commissary Employee Wins Big!

Mr. Lopez, DECA, Mr. Hasenfuss, Delta Air Lines, & Grand Prize Winner: Mr. Keith  

    Every week, prizes are awarded and each entry is automatically submitted into the quarterly Delta Air Lines grand prize drawings.  For more information on the rules and how to enter, click on to www.militarypartners.comWin Big on the Web.  




     Arnold Keith, part of the DECA team in the Germersheim Commissary Depot, which is one of the largest commissary distribution centers, wins MilitaryPartners’ grand prize. He wins two Delta Air Lines tickets to the United States. Mr. Keith and his wife Illona, plan to take their two children for a long awaited trip to Orlando, Florida next summer and stated that the airline tickets would help make his family’s dream come true.

     The award’s ceremony took place at Rhein Main Air Force base in October, where Mr. Hasenfuss, Delta Air Lines Military Account Manager, presented the airline tickets to Mr. Keith, in the presence of Mr. Lopez, Rhein Main’s Commissary Manager.  While Mr. Keith knows Mr. Lopez through the Commissary supply chain, he was pleased to meet him in person, and stated that he was proud to be part of the DECA team as Mr. Lopez congratulated him for his grand prize win.    


Grand Prize Winner Celebrates Big before her husband Leaves for Iraq...


Family Malinverni and Alexander Hasenfuss,
 Delta Air Lines Sales Manager.

     Michelle Malinverni celebrated her victory with her husband, CPT Malinverni, Unit HHC, 233rd Armor Battalion, prior to his 12-month deployment to join his troops in Iraq.  

     She won two Delta Air Lines tickets and stated that she now has extra money to go to Disney Land and that MilitaryPartners and Delta Air Lines have made their day brighter.



     Ray Barracks, Friedberg, Germany, hosts the 233rd Armored Battalion, who are defending the peace in Iraq.

     While family Malinverni will be separated for 12 months, Ms. Malinverni asserted that the winning of the grand prize airline tickets, has brought some sunshine in this family's life and has helped to relieve the stress of an overseas assignment and the deployment of her husband to Iraq.


Grand Prize Winners Prayers are Answered!     

LTC Teeter, SFC Harvey Cole
NCOIC PCD, Alexander Hassenfuss, Delta Air Lines Military Sales Manager

Grand Prize Winners Prayers are Answered!

         SFC Harvey Cole (NCOIC), HQ USAREUR, Public Affairs Office and his wife Kim, are the grand prizewinners of MilitaryPartners.com grand prize Win Big on the Web sweepstakes.  They win two Delta Air Lines tickets back to the United States.     


       While surfing the web to find special Armed Forces discounts and rates to fly back home, SFC Cole surfed MilitaryPartners web site and located valuable military travel information.  At this time, they entered the sweepstakes and hoped that their prayers would be answered to visit their family back in Washington State, whom they had not seen for quite some years.  They plan to “surprise” their family and take a little r&r, prior to continuing their two-years overseas assignment. 

      He stated “This is truly a blessing that comes at a time needed ... He is an on-time God.”

       Each quarter, two complementary trans-oceanic Delta Air Line tickets are awarded to service members, who enter the “Win Big on the Web” sweepstakes via MilitaryPartners site, or by mailing their entries in.  Along with these grand prize offerings, military web surfers can also win weekly commemorative prizes.   

        For more information, click on to Win Big on the Web!  

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