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 Today, more than ever, we hear stories about the wars that are going on in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, and other places around the world. The International community has always been cooperative in providing military support for these International wars. In the Iraq war, people from more than a dozen countries participated in liberating the country. Once an International war develops, many people from around the world are called into action to go to the region and support the liberation effort. Many American men and women have participated in the Iraq war. After the war, many stayed to help rebuild the country and protect the Iraqis against the insurgents attacks. The same was true for Afghanistan war.

Now, there are talks to have an International fighting force placed in Lebanon to fight the terrorists there. Many of these people who go to the war zones have families and friends to take care of. Since most of these people are expected to remain in the war hit area for a quite long time, it is essential for them to be able to stay in touch with their families.

There are several options available to the men and women in the International force to communicate with their loved ones at home. One option is to use a mobile phone to try to contact other countries around the globe. As handy as cell phones are, they are far from a good option for International calls. Mobile phone service providers usually require their customers to sign long term contracts. In addition, mobile international and long distance rates using a cellphone without a prepaid calling plan, are far too expensive for an average American.

Another option would be to use the phone services that are available in the war hit countries. Of course, that would not be a wise idea because the quality or price of those services might not be up to the customers standards. Besides, finding a service provider in the midst of a war is not that simple. The best option, without a doubt, is prepaid international military phone cards.

Many phone card service providers offer special prepaid cards to the men and women in the military. These cards offer high quality calls for very low prices. Many of these cards allow the men and women in the military to contact their friends and families abroad for as low as 2 cents per minute. These cards are convenient and very easy to use. Plus, there is no long-term commitment required for using these cards. No cell phone or regular phone service provider can offer such a deal to its customers. That is why prepaid International military phone cards are the best alternative for the men and women in the military.

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