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Little Redhaired Girl Publishing’s BOOKS FOR BRATS ®
and the SPINOZA® Bear Company join forces to create

Military Package for Children of Military Personnel

Team reaches out to veterans and civilian community for donations to children of military personnel


     November 11, 2003, Brooklyn, NY -- Everyday, millions of children worldwide are affected by the deployment of a parent to an unaccompanied assignment in the military.  Little Redhaired Girl Publishing and SPINOZA Bear have joined together to create a special package to help children coping with these deployments.

 The purpose of the package is to help promote self-esteem and relieve tension and anxiety for young children.

      The package includes SPINOZA...the Bear Who Speaks from the Heart and one of Little Redhaired Girl Publishing titles “Daddy, You’re My Hero!” or “Mommy, You’re My Hero!” from their BOOKS FOR BRATS series.  The Military Deployment Package is available through the SPINOZA Bear website at and via a link at the BOOKS FOR BRATS series site at  The package also includes:

  • the complete library of nine audio tapes for Spinoza Bear. Many families are also taping the voice of the deployed parent to help children to continue to feel close.

  • a workbook titled Help For Kids, Understanding Your Feelings about Terrorism, War and Peace that includes tips for parents, teachers and caregivers written by Carol Gesme, MA., CFLE.  Gesme works with individuals, groups, and organizations as a chemical dependency counselor and a licensed family life educator. 

  • and a heart shaped lapel pin.

     In order to make the $150.00 package available to financially strapped military families, the team is reaching out to veteran organizations, civilian organizations and individuals to sponsor children.  Sponsorship donations can be made through Spinoza’s “buddy bear project”, Spinoza Cause Marketing Alliance and the Books for Brats Angels Program.

      “Our mission is to strengthen our communities by providing support for emotional health through love and comfort; cultivate positive values and attitudes in everyone; and to help people understand and appreciate the value and uniqueness of each one of us,” says Beth LeMasurier, President of The Spinoza Company.

      “We are thrilled to be working with the Spinoza Bear organization.  We have a similar mission, to bring comfort and care to children in time of need.  We also believe public awareness and support of our military families will help prevent burdening young children with politics and other adult issues.” says author, Michelle Ferguson-Cohen

      Little Redhaired Girl Publishing’s released two titles from the BOOKS FOR BRATS  series in 2003,  “Daddy, You’re My Hero!” and “Mommy, You’re My Hero!”. Acclaimed by educators and child-care professionals, both titles are written and illustrated by Michelle Ferguson-Cohen.  Ferguson-Cohen, a self-professed military “brat”, wrote the books from a child’s perspective on coping with deployment.  Ferguson-Cohen is the child of a Vietnam Veteran and career Army officer, her sister is a Gulf War Vet and her grandfather was killed in action in WWII.  

     SPINOZA is a talking teddy bear developed in 1984 as a communication tool capable of providing positive reinforcement and encouragement in establishments of education, physical, psychological and emotional therapy, and interpersonal communications. The soft and huggable Spinoza Bear features a built in high quality audio tape player and speaker tucked deep in his fur.  Spinoza’s library of nine audio cassettes feature original songs and stories with music and lyrics by Peter Himmelman.  They are available in English and Spanish.  Spinoza Bear has a history in assisting children in coping with hospital stays, abuse, loss of a loved one, and other traumatic situations.

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For more information, please contact:

The Spinoza Company



Little Redhaired Girl Publishing, Inc.



To sponsor a child affected by deployment, please contact The Spinoza Company toll free at 1-800-282-2327.


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