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Pepsi reaches out to troops and their families stationed throughout the world and supports programs which recognize the contributions that these US Military servicemembers provide.

Volunteers “Inspire by Example

 Pepsi-Cola has supported Volunteer Recognition Ceremonies for more than five years and recognizes the countless hours that these invaluable military servicemembers and their families contribute to their military communities.

     Christina Callaghan, the Installation Volunteer Coordinator, stated, “The Commercial Sponsors’ prizes and products contributed to the success of the event.  The Pepsi sodas and the Pepsi prizes were a big hit. The donations we received were fantastic.  Without them there would have been no giveaways for the volunteers of the year. The door prizes and the Volunteer Stress Kits on the tables were a huge success. All attendees walked away with something be it large or small!” 

 Christina Callahan, the event coordinator, has outdone herself once again and hosted more than 700 Volunteers and their guests.

The Volunteer Theme:

Inspire by Example!



Volunteers entered the Patrick Henry Village Grand Ballroom, where all seats were filled, with standing room only.

As each volunteer entered and registered for the event, their first Welcome was brought to them by Pepsi-Cola.



The volunteers would all leave with something in their hands. Their Stress Packs recognized their unselfish commitments.

The evening’s entertainment involved the USAREUR Choir and sang modern and upbeat songs in tribute to the Volunteers.





The US Flag was carried and part of the opening ceremonies and was carried by the local girl scout unit.

The Pepsi display was set up at the entrance of the event, which allowed people to sign up for MilitaryPartners Win Big on the Web sweepstakes.



A table was inserted at the front of the Ballroom and Pepsi was in the center of the display.

Volunteers registering for the Win Big on the Web Entry forms and entering into the $50.00 AE Express Gift Voucher which was given out during the evening.



Volunteers sign up for prizes and catch a refreshing Pepsi along the way.

Enjoying a fresh Pepsi-Cola!




Volunteers sign up for prizes.  A night to remember…

Here’s to Pepsi and bringing smiles to volunteers of all ages.


Sponsorship of Volunteer Ceremonies


     Princess Burke, Mannheim Special Event Coordinator, stated that the combined Mannheim/Darmstadt Volunteer Ceremony was a huge success due to the support of Pepsi.  The American Express gift vouchers were part of an overall event raffle and all attendees enjoyed a refreshing Pepsi.  Ms. Burke stated “these gifts combined with AAFES’ Inspire by Example cake recognized the importance of Volunteers and their contributions that they make.” 

Some local Volunteers gather to take part in this special recognition ceremony! 

The on-going Volunteer Theme:
Inspire by Example!

In Recognition of the Volunteers from Mannheim and Darmstadt, including family members, civilians, and retirees.


An occasion to enjoy for the young and their families.

Again, standing room only, in this recognized annual event.




And the youngest of them all, posing for a Pepsi moment!


 The festivities continued throughout and Stuttgart  

 Stuttgart recognizing the importance of the sponsor contributions!

 Getting ready for a night of Recognition. 



            The Volunteer Ceremonies are important programs in the military communities. They help to ease the assignments of an overseas deployment.  Christina Callaghan mentioned that “the Volunteer Recognition Programs continue to depend on donations and sponsorships and look forward to maintaining the good relationship the Volunteer Office has with local private organizations and businesses.”

             Thanks to Pepsi Cola and other commercial sponsors, these Volunteers could receive the recognition and praise that they deserve.  Each year the programs get larger and larger and through the initiatives of commercial sponsors, the events provide incentives to increase the awareness, attendance and participation of the military Installation Volunteer Programs.



On behalf of the Volunteer Coordinators, we sincerely thank Pepsi for all of its support!

Cheers to Pepsi!

The US Air Force hosted its annual “Get Active” program 


The Air Force Hosted its annual “Get Active” event and brought out children and adults alike.

The Pepsi blow-up lemons were a huge hit and gave lots of sunshine to the event.



The Pepsi display created additional excitement and was displayed prominently at the event.

The Pepsi Blue Cans were a novelty and participants were asking about the new flavored beverage.



Gathering around and getting active

Signing up for Win Big on the Web and to win the $50.00 AE gift voucher.



Quenching this young participants thirst.

The Runners are approaching the finish line!


The lucky draw for the $50.00 gift certificate.

Mannheim Albert Schweitzer Basketball Tournament

       The Albert Schweitzer Basketball Tournament, celebrating more than 20 years since its inception to bring countries together.  During the Cold war, this tournament proved to be invaluable in bringing eastern countries closer to the west, through a basketball championship event that took place on Mannheim’s US Military Fenley Barracks.  The program drew thousands of spectators; both military and civilians to watch the worlds’ best compete for the Globe. MilitaryPartners, together with Pepsi’s generous support, made this event unforgettable for the US community’s involvement and provided refreshments to servicemembers and their families.  Moreover, the monies generated from the sale of the Pepsi helped to underwrite the cost of the program, which brought in needed revenue to the local Non-appropriated instrumental fund.


Albert Schweitzer Game Series




The Radio Interview helped increase the awareness of this important program.  The Pepsi gift voucher was a huge listening draw.

A lucky fan to cheer on the US team to victory.  Unfortunately, the Chinese defeated them.



The game takes full force on the basketball floor.

AFN stayed on and continued to cheer on the US team and give prizes away.



More excitement as the tournament progresses.

The US ID cardholders entered into the drawing and display at the entrance of the arena.


The Pepsi display in the front entrance tent was a draw and a success in getting people to sign up and win the offered prizes.

Thanks to Pepsi the “Friendship through Sports” Albert Schweitzer Tournament was a success and enjoyed by all.



Here’s to the USA

4th of July Celebrations

Benjamin Franklin Village

       Each year, the Benjamin Franklin Village 4th of July gets larger and larger.  MilitaryPartners chose to support this program due to its size, troop and family volume and overall program offerings.  More than 3,000 people showed up during the 5-day long festivities. In addition to the on-site prominent Pepsi display at the US concession stand, radio interviews took place that mentioned Pepsi’s giveaways and support of the US Military.  Please see tape recording of the July 2nd recording


Mannheim 4th of July Schedule




Families enjoying the fest and a Pepsi to round off their meals.

The entry box, giving away $50.00 Pepsi gift voucher, at the concession stand drew a lot of attention.



Reaching for the good stuff!

Pepsi in the center of enjoyment.


All the festivities were offered, including special fest balloons.

Pepsi right there in the center location of the concession stand.


Dolores Doherty, MilitaryPartners and Princess Burke, Mannheim Special Event Marketing Coordinator, reach for a Pepsi and say Thanks for all that Pepsi does!


Here’s to Pepsi



Gatorade supports the Get Kids in Action Scholarship Contest 

Applications Available at New Online Resource Designed to Help Increase Physical Activity Levels Among Children

CHICAGO (September 2004) - With more than one-half of middle- and high-school students not getting the recommended 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity each day1, The Gatorade Company, through its "Get Kids in Action" program, is encouraging kids to get active. As part of this initiative, Gatorade is offering $1 million in scholarships over the next four years for children to attend some of the nation's leading sports camps. Children ages 8-12 are encouraged to download a scholarship contest form from the new Get Kids in Action Web site

     Winning a sports camp scholarship will help children increase their physical activity levels by finding a new sport or honing the skills of a favorite one. This contest is part of the larger Get Kids in Action program, a partnership between The Gatorade Company and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's School of Public Health and Department of Athletics.

Pepsi World Promotions

Pepsi Thanks Volunteers who "Inspire by Example" 

  During the National Volunteer Appreciation Month, Pepsi supported select Volunteer Recognition Ceremonies.  Volunteers dedicate their time for a variety of activities such as the Red Cross, USO, Boy and Girl Scouts and many other Armed Forces Community services. For more on the Volunteer Recognition Ceremonies and other programs which Pepsi supports, click here.

Pepsi iTunes Music Giveaway!

Pepsi-Cola is enjoyed around the Globe by US Service-members and their families 

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Pepsi supports a variety of programs, reaching out to military members and their families throughout the World.

4th of July Celebrations, PHV, Heidelberg. Registering to win Marriott Hotel Vouchers, complements of Pepsi

The local military martial arts group demonstrated basic movements. 


Fun for the whole family- face painting, games and Pepsi

Serving Refreshing Pepsi on a hot summer day!

Enjoying the Pepsi sponsored festivities on PHV, Heidelberg.

Taking part in the Pepsi Challenge...


 A memorable 4th of July


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Pepsi Salutes US Servicemembers & 

brings a little home town flavor to troops stationed throughout the World!

Drink Pepsi!

Celebrate the American Spirit!

Healthy Living Made Easier

The PepsiCo family of companies cares about the health of the people who enjoy our products. As a company that provides hundreds of convenient food and beverage products that rejuvenate millions of consumers around the world every day, we are committed to offering the widest possible spectrum of great tasting food and beverage choices.

We also recognize that consumers have an increasing need and desire for foods and beverages that make it easier and more enjoyable for them to lead healthy lives. We believe that we are ideally positioned to meet that need, and we intend to lead the way.

Specifically, we are committed to:

  • Providing A Spectrum of Good Choices that range from the small indulgences our consumers love to a wider variety of improved, enhanced, and fortified products that meet their needs for better health. In fact, our commitment is that 50% of our new products will be comprised of essentially healthy ingredients or offer improved health benefits.

  • Reaching Consumers Broadly. Because our products are enjoyed by the majority of consumers the world over, we believe our largest contribution to healthy living will be in providing healthy products with mainstream appeal. To that end, we’re committed to improving the healthfulness of our products without sacrificing either taste or convenience. And we’re committed to introducing big new product ideas that appeal to mainstream consumers.

  • Applying the Best Available Science. Because nutrition science is constantly evolving, we have an obligation to evaluate any major new health learning that applies to our products and make formulation and labeling decisions based on the best available science. In some cases new learning will prompt us to make changes. In other cases, where the science is unclear or conflicting, we may choose to make no change. In all cases we will communicate our decisions--internally and externally--in an honest and transparent way.

  • Promoting Healthy Kids Lifestyles. We know we can play an important role in helping kids lead healthier lives by offering healthy product choices in schools, by developing healthy products that appeal to kids and by promoting programs that encourage kids to lead active lives.

To learn more, visit PepsiCo's Health is Power site.

The Joy of  Pepsi travels to all corners of the World

      Pepsi salutes all who serve, including including the Red Cross, USO, Boy and Girl Scouts, and many other organizations, which make a difference in the quality of life for the servicemembers and their families worldwide.