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     Imagine a world without Yellowstone, the Great Smoky Mountains or Acadia and you begin to sense what the National Park System — and the U.S. landscape — might look like without the generosity of individuals. The National Park Service (NPS) is funded by Congress, and all 391 NPS sites — from parks and monuments to seashores and recreation areas — receive federal support. But for more than 100 years, the parks have also benefited greatly from the gifts of individuals, foundations and corporations. Donations of land, buildings, money and artifacts have been staggeringly generous, in some cases not only supporting existing parks but also creating new ones. Yet for every Rockefeller there are thousands of others who contribute whatever they can.

     Please join the NPS in safeguarding this legacy for future generations by making a contribution to the National Park Foundation. For more than 40 years, and without federal appropriations, the National Park Foundation, chartered by Congress as the only national charitable partner of America’s National Parks, has sustained the legacy


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Commissaries change coupon rules

by Rick Brink

FORT LEE, Va. – Commissaries will start enforcing new policy revisions June 1 that limit coupon use to only one per item unless otherwise specified on a coupon. 

“We still gladly welcome the use of coupons. We’re only limiting the number of coupons a customer can use per item to what is specifically stated on the coupons. If the coupons state more than one per item can be used, then we’ll accept them. If it doesn’t, then we’ll accept only one per item,” said Bob Vitikacs, the Defense Commissary Agency’s executive director for operations and product support. 

The revised DeCA policy more accurately reflects manufacturers’ intent for coupon use, which has always been one coupon per item unless otherwise stated, Vitikacs said. DeCA policy had allowed commissaries to accept multiple coupons unless specifically stated as only “one per item.” 

Under the new policy, customers can still take advantage of multiple couponing, but only through sales specifically allowing the practice. Customers can watch for advertising and in-store flyers to learn about these sales, and manufacturers will continue to provide coupons in the stores.


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